Commonly inspected Electrical components

  • Switchboards

  • RCD's

  • Main Switches

  • Motors

  • Cables & Connections

  • Relays/Switches

  • Contactors

  • Capacitors

  • Circuit Breakers


Comprehensive Reports

We will provide you with a fast, comprehensive report clearly identifying any hazards that you are unable to detect with the naked eye in your electrical equipment. All faults are documented in the report showing the severity of the fault along with full colour thermal images of impending problems and any recommendations/comments for further investigation.

On initial Inspection we will also provide you with a Baseline Report so you always have a way to compare future results

How thermal imaging can help your business

  • Reduced risk of electrical fire

  • Reduced insurance premiums

  • Provide a business preventative maintenance plan - we will remind you

  • Reduced repair costs

  • Meet your WH&S requirements

  • A way to pinpoint issues before they become critical

  • Reduced downtime