Reduced maintenance costs

Find faults before they happen in switchboards

Thermal imaging can help you to comply with insurance requirements and eliminate risks before an incident occurs

Increased reliability and efficiency of plant and equipment resulting in reduced breakdowns, leading to reduced maintenance costs and greater profitability

Thermal imaging surveys are real time and produce fast, accurate and immediate temperature measurements and fault detection

Thermal imaging is a non-intrusive preventative maintenance activity that can be, and is best done, when your business is in full normal load conditions

Why use thermal imaging?

Fast and accurate fault detection

Non-invasive and non-destructive

Comprehensive Reports   -   Qualified Technicians


Using the latest in Thermal Imaging technology, our Qualified technicians will take thermal images of your electrical wiring and switchboards allowing us to pin point unforeseen present faults and recommend a course of action before costly system failures occur. Surveys can be performed at a convenient time and tailored to each client’s individual requirements.

Acting early can save money. Contact us today to find out more.